Management Team

Steven Knight, FCA, TEP, MIOD (Chairman)

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Steven Knight, is a Chartered Accountant, a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners and the Institute of Directors. Formerly of Coopers & Lybrand and Touche Ross, he was appointed to start up and manage the Gibraltar office of Price Waterhouse in 1989. He established the Castle Group in 1992 and is widely considered as a specialist in international tax planning for both wealthy individuals and companies. Steven also holds a Company Manager license issued by Gibraltar's Financial Services Commission in relation to the provision of Directorships to Experienced Investor Funds.

Steven has over 30 years business experience operating at the highest lever, organizing, managing and controlling capital resources and has been involved with many substantial corporate transactions.

Alex Lightman (Chief Executive Officer)

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Alex Lightman is an entrepreneur, speaker, and futurist with over two million words in print about the future.
He is Chief Strategist for Passport Cities ICO and an advisor to several current and near future ICOs, including Guardian Circle’s Guardium ICO, Phireon Global Partners ICO, and to the Science Incubator ICO.
Lightman is the recipient of four global technology awards, including the first Economist Magazine Reader’s Award, and has written national innovation plans and technology transition plans for the US and Mexican governments and NATO. He has been one of the most highly rated mentors for Founder Institute in the world (“Global 100”) and qualified as a director, after six 16 week start up creation programs, each of which launched over a dozen companies. He is an MIT graduate and attended graduate school at Harvard’s School of Government, and is the author of the first book on 4G and co-author of 2016 Amazon best-seller in seven categories, Augmented: Life in the Smart Lane.

Adiba Khalik (Chief Operating Officer)

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Ms Khalik has a background in finance and received her MBA from Cambridge. She worked for leading investment banks as a research analyst and a specialist in oil and gas, before she became a financial advisor to Fisher Corporate (part of HW Fishers) and The Invest Group Asset Management Fund. She then worked for a Swiss Project Finance Group called Crofin Swiss Management SA in the capacity of an Investment Analyst and Portfolio Manager.

Ms Khalik is fluent in Uzbek, Russian, Turkish and English, as well as understanding Arabic. In her early twenties she started working as a translator for United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and has also assisted protection officers in relation to reallocation of asylum seekers from Afghanistan to other developed countries including Canada, USA and England and granting them “refugee” statuses.

She currently acts as a Managing Director for Aerox International and Tru Stream Tech, where she has helped to establish both companies, raise initial capital and turned them from startup companies into growth cash generating companies through her extensive knowledge of the market.

Ms Khalik sits on the board as a director of TokenCommunities Plc as well as the Chief Operations Officer of the Company. She is involved in day-to-day operations of the Company and reporting back to its shareholders and the Board.

Gianluca Cicogna Mozzoni (Advisor)

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Gianluca Cicogna is a successful merchant banker and investor, with over 30 years experience in cross-border transactions as well as private and public equity. Having co-founded Casco Track Limited in 1986, which invested in the telecoms industry across Asia, he went on to co-found the successful Zanett Lombardier hedge fund in New York, providing early investment to tech-oriented public companies.

In South Africa he was the founding partner of Orion Telecom Corporation, the largest independent telecom service provider in the country, and Southern Farms, renowned as South Africa’s premier producer and exporter of table grapes.

He has served as the Managing Director at Millbank Roy & Co. LLC, but has also previously held board executive positions at Beauty Brands Group Inc, Flux Power Holdings Inc and Lone Pine Holdings Inc.

Craig Marshak (Advisor)

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Craig J Marshak has over 20 years experience as an investment banker, having graduated from Duke University in 1981, then Harvard Law School in 1985. After joining Wertheim & Co in the corporate finance department, he then moved to London in 1993 to head up the Cross Border and International Finance efforts between Schroders Investment Bank and Wertheim & Co.

He later moved to Robertson Stephens, and then Nomura Securities where he ultimately headed a $300 million investment fund focusing on merchant banking and investments into technology related companies, with an emphasis on Israel Silicon Valley.

Evan Luthra (Advisor)

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Having begun by curating technology news at the age of 12, Evan built his international reputation on the development of mobile apps. He has extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, where his company, EL Group International, have worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies. Evan is an accredited Angel Investor, having supported a wide array of businesses through his own StartUp Studio, but in recent years has established himself as a blockchain expert and pioneer with his VC company that has supported leading companies such as, and others.

Graham Ross Andrews (Advisor)

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Graham holds first class honours degree in mathematics from Oxford University and a PhD also in mathematics from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh.

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