by Alex Lightman. February 5, 2018

16,733,237 Bitcoins existed as of the time I started typing this. By the time I finished there were 16,833,249.5
There will be a total of 21,000,000 Bitcoin mined by the year 2130. Only 12.5 Bitcoin are mined every 9 to 10 minutes.

Articles claim that 4 million have never traded and could be dumped. This is not entirely accurate.
I shouldn’t be telling you this, but I know that the addresses of over six million Bitcoin are lost. I know one person who lost over 500,000 BTC.

So, the real total number of BTC is closer to 10 million, and only 4,267,763 more will be created. At least another two million will be lost. So, the total traceable supply of Bitcoin will not exceed 12 million.

Only 12 million people can possibly own one whole Bitcoin. But corporations will end up owning at least half. So, no more than six million humans can own one or more Bitcoin.

Out of 7.5 billion people. 6 billion will have mobile phones with wireless broadband access by 2020 and all will have heard of the fastest rising investment and fastest appreciating currency of the entire decade 2010-2020.

I won a vote by the entire world (200 countries) as the innovator behind the “innovation that would most radically change the world during the decade 2011-2020”, as the first recipient of the Economist Reader’s Award on behalf of 4G wireless.

If I ever meet Satoshi Nakamoto, I will give him my trophy and say, “You deserve this more than anyone”.
Because in 2020, a person who owns one whole Bitcoin or more will be literally one in one million.

Just the fact that a person with my legitimacy says this is going to increase global demand over the years to come and there are thousands of similar statements pos- sible. Bitcoin’s legend will grow.

But wait…there’s more.
As of October 2017, there were fewer than 750,000 individuals who owned one or more Bitcoin. So now the number is 750,000 out of 7,500,000,000.

Over the last four years as of September 2017, the amount of fiat going into Bitcoin increased 1.1% a month. But the price increased 9% a month.

So, the ratio of demand to price is 9x or 900%. And corporations are going to put in at least 10x what friends and family have put in to date, which translates into a 9000% increase.

If you own one BTC, you are statistically one in TEN million. One in ten million owning the best performing currency or security of the decade. You have something that many people would kill for, and some will.

So, my advice to you, dear friends, is:

  1. Own at least one whole Bitcoin.
  2. Get the ten people you care about the most to also own one whole Bitcoin.
  3. Put the address in a special place you won’t lose it.
  4. Ask to be paid in Bitcoin. Switch jobs if you have an option and all things are equal but one pays in Bitcoin.
  5. Share posts like this that inform people of the supply and demand. It’s the limited supply and the ability of humans to crunch numbers that will continue to drive demand over naysaying.
  6. Buy before Dec. 15 or other dates and be sure that you get the forks.

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